The Workbench Workshops

The CMF Workbench directly impacts team building and role management.  We empower families, groups, and individuals by providing them with the tools to help align processes, build communication, and  clearly focus on defining roles and responsibilities.  Each workbench invests in training to ensure adults and youth have the skills, whether technical or internally structured, necessary in the success of each individual.

Workshop 1: Wisdom Changes Your Journey - Not Control  Download
Workshop 2: Connect Your Rhythm To Their Tempo  Download
Workshop 3: Understanding The U In You  Download


Break Down Social & Emotional Barriers

Communication is becoming harder and it doesn't seem at times like things are balanced emotionally. While engagement is an important part of character development, many times there can be a disconnect in the relationship due to unidentified factors. Today we are led in so many different directions by so many different people who feel their interest and voice is just as valuable as our own. Breaking down emotional barriers by finding out what makes us fear success is just as important as the emotion itself. Encouragement with positive affirmation can be hard to understand when in stressful conversations. In fact it can sometimes be downright scary. Breaking down social barriers by listening is key. Only when we accomplish this can we make room for our mental co-pilot to reroute us mentally, socially, and emotionally. Rerouting only becomes affective when ownership and discipline occur and we learn to listen without judgement and negative energy.

“Don’t let negativity empower your movement. Find a positive inner relationship and live there !”


Retreat from fear and place each moment as a growing opportunity for your faith. Peel your mark of fear, lean forward, and you may just see a reflection of hope. When your thoughts force you to run, make sure your compass leads you towards your faith. Never let your feelings slow you down, for the only thing slowing you down is fear.


Refresh by taking a moment to reflect. Today's calm meets its inner peace at the whisper of your smile. May the calm touch the space towards the clarity unto which you walk today. Love is the bridge, but faith keeps it stable.  Take time today to listen to your calling. You are more than a gift; you are a purpose. Each day you hold potential to make a positive change in the world around you. Don't ask for the gift if you are not willing to use it. Love, lift, and refresh your purpose knowing that complaining gives success to failure.


Renew your day by finding balance. Take control of your life and lose yourself in faith. Be calm in your words to others. Fear not that you are being attacked, but that you are being prepared for something greater. Your habits today will renew the possibilities towards fulfilling your dreams tomorrow. Be patient in what you say, faithful in what you think, and positive in what you do. You are the gift that renews hope.